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Advertising that is AFFORDABLE and EFFECTIVE

Placing and ad is a 2-step process -- both steps must be completed in order for ad to be submitted.

1. Fill out name, email, ad content, phone number

2. DO NOT SUBMIT contact form YET

3. Count words and increase quantity by 1 for every 30 words

4. Add to cart

5. Click little shopping cart to right of page and make payment

6. Once payment is processed, submit contact form with ad information

IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE AN EMAIL FROM CAPRI AT YOUR ROUND-UP WITHIN A FEW HOURS OF SUBMISSION, CALL OFFICE TO BE CERTAIN AD WAS RECEIVED - if you do not receive an email reply directly from Capri, it means ad was not received and will not run. 

  1. Cost listed is for EACH 30 word increment
  2. Increase quantity by 1 for every 30 words
  3. Ad will not run unless payment is received


• Address, phone number, date are each considered one word

• When in doubt submit ad with payment and if there is any issue, Your Round-Up will contact you

Regular Classified Ad

  • NON-business in nature
  • Selling or looking for something

Commercial Classified Ad

  • Using Your Round-Up to promote or highlight a business
  • For-profit ventures

Yard Sale Ad

  • Published the week of sale

If you want to run as an "upcoming sale" the week or two prior to your sale, call Your Round-Up and we can get it done!

Help Wanted Ad

All help wanted ads run in a "Help Wanted" section and are priced per 30 word increments

Display Ads (boxed ads, photo ads, etc)

  • Cannot be purchased on-line
  • Call or email for display ad pricing